• Our Support

    The future of our planets is in the hands of the younger generations; yet, too many children and young adults are still in a condition of fragility, either because they are ill or disabled, or because they live below the level of survival in poor Countries. We are intimately persuaded that, as we strive for business success in the market, we can and should also give a contribution to such young generations.

    Here are some small, yet meaningful results that Policrom helped achieve:

    Spazio Prevenzione

    BUILD roots and preserve memories, through the material construction of little houses in the indian village of villaggio indiano di Azimganj and the renovation of a part of the Fontanella (BG) historical site  

    SUPPORT AND IMPROVE the right to health through a contribution to The Heart of Children, curing heart illnesses in Third World countries, and to Spazio Prevenzione, ighting against cancer through prevention and the encouragement of a healthier lifestyle;

    TRAIN AND INSTRUCT to guide to a more active social and economic role, by setting up the Multi-funcional Hall of Berhampore Multi-funcional Hall  and supporting Nepios in their activity for families and children.

    GIVE A FUTURE , a job and a social environment to those who need special care to be successful in the productive world: we support progetto Chopin – Diversamente Impresa, a floriculture Company exclusively employing disabled people, led by specialized trainers.

    NepiosSpazio Prevenzione

    The Heart of Children