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Policrom was recently awarded the CRIBIS PRIME recognition, issued by Dun&Bradstreet, one of the most renowned and best reputed Companies of business investigation and financial rating in the whole world. We want to thank all our business partners, from suppliers to customers to consultants, for their contribution to that important achievement, which sets Policrom among the most reliable Companies


POLI-WET GOLD is a pre-soaked washcloth miniroll, designed for automatic blanket cleaning systems that do not include solvent spraying devices. It is ready to use and needs no preparation time.

Poli-cloth® and Poliwash: Fogra certified quality

Our line of nonwovens for automatic blanket cleaning systems, designed for sheet-fed and web offset presses, includes Poli-cloth® Poliwash products, Fogra certified, specially designed to offer the best cleaning resuts.

Varnishing Plates

A line of multilayer, polymeric varnishing plates, especially designed for in-line (direct) varnishing, able to fit all usage requirements: POLISPOT, for use with water-based, acrylic and UV varnishes POLISPOT AQUA, for use with water-based and acrylic varnishes POLISPOT COMPRESSIBLE, for use with water-based, acrylic and UV varnishes, highly resilient. POLISPOT UV, specially designed for use