• Washcloth

    A washcloth is a cloth normally used in washing one’s face and body also known as a facecloth or a washrag. It’s a form of towel with absorbent fabric used for drying and draws moisture through direct contact when one uses a rubbing motion. Different types of washcloths are made from different materials e.g. rayon, bamboo, non-woven fibers, cotton or a combination of other materials. They also come in different colors and thus choosing the best washcloth is contingent on an individual taste and personal preferences.

    The major use of washcloths is for cleaning oneself and basically for hygienic purposes. Instead of applying the soap directly to your skin, one should wet the washcloth, apply the soap on the towel and using the towel, apply the soap on the skin. The advantage of using a washcloth is that it increases abrasion and removes any dead skin from the skin more effectively as opposed to the manual application and rubbing of the soap. Additionally, in a family setting where soap is shared, the use of a washcloth prevents the spread of skin related infections should there be a member with such. This is made possible since there is no direct contact of the soap with the skin but the soap is only applied on the washcloth.

    The use of a washcloth is not limited to adults only but can be used on babies too. There are special soft washcloths designed for use on babies although one could still the regular washcloths on them. They are made of absorbent, terry cotton fabric materials providing softness and you could also find a variety of other washcloth material made from different materials. To gently scrub your child after it have had a busy day crawling, a good warm bath using a tender washcloth would be the best way to have your child clean, relaxed and without bruises.

    There are disposable washcloths designed mainly for specific individuals i.e. those that allergic to pre-moistened or perfumed wipes and the elderly people suffering from urinary incontinence. These disposable washcloths are indispensable for domestic health care and the general caring for the above mentioned persons. These disposable dry washcloths are well thought-out as the best solution for incontinent old patients and the ease of their disposal makes it even more use-able since one can flush them down the toilet after use.

    Though not made from cloth, the texture of these washcloths is as gentle, causes no irritation and eliminates high volume of liquid.

    Beauticians and health experts highly advise the use of a washcloth in cleaning the face and prevention of acne. As stated earlier, a washcloth fabric easily gets rid of the excess oils, dirt and the day’s build up and thus before getting to bed, it is advisable to clean up using a washcloth. This will prevent you from any skin infections and open up your skin pores. Additionally, wash cloths come in different forms and one can acquire travel washcloth that are made from quick-drying microfiber. These are necessary during your travel since you may not be provided with some at the hotels or various stops along your journey.