• Prewet rolls


    The prewet rolls are used to manufacture press cleaning systems. A pressroom works like a system. This calls for integration of all factions of the press, to work together for the ultimate goal of providing quality output. The overall profitability of the pressroom activities depends on every faction to work at its optimum level. The working environment, composite materials and products should therefore be maintained at high cleanliness level. Because of that, a cleaning system and material of good quality should be employed. Therefore, the prewet rolls if well integrated plays a vital role. The following review seeks to explain some of its constituent units and its various products.

    It contains wood pulp and polyester. The wood pulp is made by grinding wood into fine pulp. It’s digested by chemicals and bleached in the making of papers. The following are some of the of the prewet rolls products;

    • General type material rolls.
    • Food services rolls.
    • Optical lens manufacturing rolls
    • Stencil printing cleaners.
    • The material composition exhibits the following characteristics;
    • The solvent has a high capillarity action and absorbent rate.
    • It is famed for its vertical wet strength and strength of breaking the low wet elongation.
    • Capital retention; the acquisition and usage cost of the rolls are of relatively low level cost with comparison to their ultimate benefits. It normally works to perfection thus additional unnecessary costs should is avoided.

    The above characteristics are boosted by the following polyester body traits:

    The polyester is a constituent of polymers. Polymers offer the best quality of material because of their characteristics which includes;

    Durability; the composition of polymers makes them long lasting as they are resistant to most chemicals, stretching and wrinkling, and resistant to abrasion. Polyester is solvent resistant and dries quickly. This helps to protect the cylinder from corrosion due to the liquid between the packing and cylinder that would otherwise pass through. Ability to retain its shape; Polyesters are Resistant to mechanical Stress, they have the ability to Self-level with a high Capacity to adapt to the cylinders profile.

    Strength: Polyester fabrics and fibers are extremely strong. This gives them high usage flexibility thus offering Stability of the layer during the printing runs. The sheet also works to minimize the movement of the blanket during printing. Polyesters are fire resistant and environmental friendly to use. Conclusion; The prewet rolls are used in pressroom cleaning. The pressroom cleaning process is a continuous activity. The operational cost may go up as result of the cleaners but ultimately the benefits are far reaching. This call for the runners of the pressroom to chose the best quality rolls so as to enjoy their benefits. The prewet rolls have proved to be the best choice in executing pressroom wash-ups.