• Blanket cleaning cloth

    No matter how good one's printing press might be, the quality of output can deteriorate very quickly if the printing rubber blankets are not kept clean at all times. Essentially, in a conventional printing press, the image gets transferred from a plate onto the blanket, from where it is then imprinted on the paper, canvas or any other selected printing surface. Poor mentainance of printing blankets can result in premature wearing out of the printing plate, contamination of ink in the printing process, poor color reproduction, as well as damage to the blanket itself. These among other attendant problems can lead to poor print quality as well as excessive losses to the business. In order to ensure consistently high print quality and keep clients satisfied with the output, the printing blanket should thus be kept clean at all times. This can be achieved through use of a good quality blanket cleaning cloth.

    With the growing demand for affordable printing services glablally, blanket cleaning services are today used in both large and small ventures. You will find them in industries using sheet-fed, commercial web, newspaper as well as in semi commercial printing systems. When looking for a good blanket cleaning cloth supplier, consider that stockists usually keep many brands from different manufacturers. As the buyer you will need sufficient information to help in making of the final decision on which brand to carry with you. This is moreso considering that most cloth manufacturers indicate that their products can be used across a wide range of printing machines. This notwithstanding, critical factors will include the kind of machine on which the cleaning cloth is going to be used, size of the blankets to be cleaned, as well as whether you wish to use manual or automatic blanket cleaning methods.

    A good cleaning cloth should afford the business consistently high print quality, which reduces wastage on printing materials and production time. These are key factors for any business keen on prifitability and ensuring client satisfaction. The cloth, which comes in rolls of various sizes, should be easy to install and maintain, easy to use by the technical staff, free from all known environment degrading components, while at the same time remaining pocket friendly.

    Look out for the type of cloth that offers excellent and balanced absorption for inks, solvents, dust and water. These are some of the most common contaminants that affect the product quality of a print job. The cloth should have an even, smooth and soft surface to accord effective and gentle cleaning. The cloth's surface should have stable structure and absolutely no lint residues. The roll should be wound up with constant tension to provide smooth unwinding when in use, remain resistant to tear, and should be of equal width as the system it is intended to clean.

    Majority of investments in the offset printing business have to make a decision on whether to use wet or dry blanket cleaning technologies. While both techniques can be used in automatic cleaning of the blankets, wet cloths come already impregnated with cleaning agents which reduces the average waiting time after the wash, cleans off residual smell from printing reagents and provides a cleaner and safer working environment for the staff.

    Therefore, size of the business notwithstanding, investing in a good quality blanket cleaning cloth is not a luxury but a business imperative. It is the high quality of the final output that will determine whether the client brings more business to the venture, and ultimately whether the venture posts a profit at the end of the day.